e-Entreprenuers Women Association Malaysia is an association for online women entrepreneurs. We are an association in Malaysia that focuses in building Digital Literacy for Malaysian women entrepreneurs who are involved in SMMEs to prepare them for online presence and digital economy. We were established on the 21st February 2011 with a registration number of 0792-11-WKL. To date, we have nearly 500 registered members of women aged between 18 – 65 years old.

We are actively online at:

Our key activities include monthly community training in ICT courses related to Web Development, FB Marketing, Photography, Product Write Up, Accounting & Finance for SMMEs, Life Skills such as Arts and Crafts, Baking, Sewing, Grooming and Personal Development Skills such as Effective Pitching and Presentation Skills.

Our social mission is to To Empower Women Entrepreneurs With ICT. (SDG No. 5 – Gender Equality)
Towards Digital Inclusivity and Building Digital Economy for women and young women
 Entrepreneurs of Malaysia.